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Your One Thing

'If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there!' C.S. Lewis.
One of my favourite quotes that is so apt in working with the creative forces that govern our universe. It's powerful because it affects our consciousness on several levels. First it awakens the thoughts regarding wandering aimlessly like a pin prick to wake us up. It's a nudge. Where am I going?
If you honestly don't mind your destination then indeed, any road will get you there but if in fact you do have a destination in mind it is not only probable but indeed guaranteed you can achieve your destination and the universe will reven everse engineer you path on your behalf.
It's mind bending right!
The universe loves to engage in conscious creativity and is in the fact the very reason human consciousness exists! Waking up to this superpower is like realising you are Dorothy and all the while your ruby red slippers could take you exactly where you wanted to go but also just like Dorothy, understanding that superpower requires work. All the while she had one destination in mind. Home. Along the way she was exposed to many adventures both challenging and delightful with forces plottng against her success but the power belonged to Dorothy alone.
Did she figure it out by herself? No! She had guides and good witches, those who knew what to do and appeared along her path to guide her but the power all along was hers! The same way the power to manifest your destination is yours.
When you get conscious of where you are headed, the proverbial 'Yellow Brick Road' will unfold in front of you. The right people will show up to keep you on track. Resources will as if by magic appear and you begin to view your world with wonder. What does it take?
Focus and quiet calm, the dulling of the noise and the silencing of the ego. Getting on with your mission. Your purpose. Your one thing!
Finding out what is your one thing takes work. What is the one thing that is part of you that if all else fell away you would still want to align with your one thing? It's not always an immediately answerable question. I know it wasn't for me!
In my life, it's been an incredible process of trying many hats on in my career, health status and relationships. Finally I figured it out, my one thing is MASTERY. I am a seeker of knowledge and the sharing of the magic and mystery of life. My mission is to learn, grow and share; participating fully in the co creation of my universe and beyond.
How does my one thing manifest? I educate myself and relentlessly seek knowledge. I am an artist, a mystic and a teacher, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am energy, vibration, divine potential manifest in perfect collaboration with the source of all creation that makes us all one. I am in everything and in the nothing. My one thing is MASTERY.
Figuring out your one thing gives you a destination. Let the universe do the rest!
In Faith, Hope and Love

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