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This six-card Tarot spread provides a comprehensive and insightful overview of your current situation, energy, challenges, and potential outcomes. It connects you with the energetic push from the Universe and offers guidance from your spiritual self.

What makes this spread special is its capacity to uncover unseen layers of influence through additional cards pulled from the bottom of the deck. These cards highlight both past and future influences, as well as internal and external factors, all playing a part in your life journey.

Whether you're seeking clarity, introspection, or a deeper understanding of your life path, this spread serves as a spiritual tool to navigate your journey. It allows you to tune into your soul's energy, confront your challenges head-on, and seek the wisdom of spirit for guidance. This spread also gives you a glimpse into the likely outcome of your situation, helping you align your decisions with your desired future.

Remember, the Tarot doesn't predict a fixed future; it illuminates possibilities and encourages personal growth and self-discovery. As you work with this spread, trust your intuition and allow the cards to guide your understanding and introspection.
Let's dive a bit deeper into each of the positions:

1. **The Push from the Universe (Card 1)**: The Universe often communicates to us through synchronicities and circumstances. This card represents the energy, situation, or lesson that the Universe is pushing towards you right now. It can also be seen as the Universe's desire or intention for you. It's the energy that's currently unfolding and will have an impact on your life. It's important to pay close attention to this card, as it can shed light on unseen forces at play.

2. **The 3D Reality (Card 2)**: This card represents your current physical and material reality. It encompasses all the tangible aspects of your life, such as your physical health, your environment, your relationships, and your career. It reflects your current situation and experiences, illustrating how you're interacting with and perceiving the world around you. This card can show you if your perception aligns with your reality or if there's a disconnect.

3. **The Energy of the Soul (Card 3)**: This card reflects your deeper self and inner energy. It symbolizes your emotional, mental, and spiritual state. This includes your feelings, thoughts, desires, values, and beliefs – all that makes up your true self. This card can indicate your soul's journey, lessons, and purpose. It can also reveal any dissonance between your inner self and your external reality.

4. **The Challenge (Card 4)**: This card represents the obstacles, conflicts, or issues that you're currently facing or are about to face. It uncovers the challenges that need to be addressed for growth and progress. This card can also reflect your fears, doubts, and insecurities that may be hindering your path forward.

5. **The Advice from Spirit (Card 5)**: This card signifies guidance from your spirit guides, higher self, or the Universe. It's the wisdom that can help you navigate your situation, overcome your challenges, or achieve your goals. This advice can help you align your actions with your higher self and universal energy.

6. **The Likely Outcome (Card 6)**: This card depicts the probable outcome based on your current path and energy. This isn't a fixed future, but rather a projection of where you're headed if you continue on the same path. It can indicate whether your current direction aligns with your desired outcomes or if adjustments are needed.

The six cards from the bottom of the deck provide further depth to your reading, revealing underlying and unseen influences:

1. **Past Influences (Card 1)**: This card indicates how your past is affecting your present and possibly your future. This could include past decisions, relationships, experiences, or karmic lessons.

2. **Hidden Influences (Card 2)**: This card represents underlying factors that are not immediately visible. These could be subconscious beliefs, unacknowledged emotions, or hidden aspects of a situation.

3. **Present Influences (Card 3)**: This card reflects the energies or events that are currently influencing your situation. This could include your present emotions, thoughts, actions, or external events.

4. **Future Influences (Card 4)**: This card indicates upcoming energies or circumstances that may affect your situation. This could involve future opportunities, challenges, or shifts in your energy.

5. **Personal Influences (Card 5)**: This card represents how your personal characteristics, behaviors, or beliefs are influencing your current situation.

6. **External Influences (Card 6)**: This card reflects the impact of other people or external circumstances on your situation. This could include the influence of family, friends, society, or significant events.

This expanded six-card spread can 
provide deep insights into your life, highlighting both the seen and unseen factors that are influencing your journey. Always interpret the cards with an open mind and heart, allowing your intuition to guide you.