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LEARN TO READ TAROT - Part 1 - Introduction to intuitive tarot


JUNE 17-18 2023



Getting started reading tarot can feel like an intimidating task with 78 cards that each have a big story to tell. This beginner's module grounds you in the key ideals of each card and suggestions for reading formats and setting intentions. More importantly, you will learn how to use your intuition along with the tarot to develop your reading ability.  

Tarot's power doesn't exist in just memorising the card's meaning. They are so much more than a one trick pony! When understood and read intuitively, they are amazing storytellers, offering insight into powerful consciousness archetypes, processes and fragilities. Learning how to  allow the cards to reflect their purpose at you is the key to truly using tarot at it's best!

This introduction to intuitive tarot reading will stretch your spiritual muscles, develop your trust in your own intuition and expose the hidden elements that great tarot readers use to deepen their readings. 

You will have all the information you need at hand to get you reading quickly!