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Cosmic Symphony

Can you imagine how much information exists in the ether for us to tap into and co create with the one true source for the betterment of our existence here in this very physical realm? It's limitless! Science and the mystics agree on a theory that at the beginning of our existence a big bang occurred. The will of the divine was applied on the original particle that created an explosion so extraordinary that the universe was birthed in the blink of an eye. Mystics describe 144000 rays of varying frequencies were birthed from that explosion of which our universe is 144000th on the list of densities. We are as physically dense as our universe gets. Process this though, this matter that we can use with tactility makes up only about 5% of existence with 27% being attributed to 'dark matter' and the remaining universe being described as dark energy. Without sharing explicit Science and equations what we need to know is that dark energy isn't nothing. Empty space isn't nothing. It is the birthplace of all potential and believed to be the base point of manifesting anything into creation. It is the Quantum Vacuum or the void. Imagine if you will in that void, that we are constantly walking through a connected field of energy laden with potential just waiting to have force/will applied upon it. It is constantly in motion and alive looking for the opportunity to transition and manifest into form. To truly utilise this super power we need to look beyond the physical and manifest from the gaps, the void. In the void imagine you see nothing until you touch something and it lights up. It looks like a guitar. When you play a string, vibration happens and waves and particles transition into a pattern to create form. The question is, what string will you play? How will your guitar contribute to co creation with the one source of creation? Will you blindly strum or will you learn to play the guitar and have more influence on the vibrations being emitted around you, influencing your reality. You have this power! Join in on the cosmic symphony of creation!! Play your true song! In Faith, Hope and Love โค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™ Susie

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