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Life of Ease

When folks talk of mainfesting a life of joy, peace and abundance it all sounds like a dream right! Like suddenly all the worries of the world have ceased to exist but let's get so very real and acknowledge that this is not the case. The universe was created in dupliciity with positive and negative forces being the fuel of creation. Our job is to get to a point where we don't label our experiences as good or bad but understand it is all happening as part of a grand plan of consciousness and that each experience will actually have a balance point and reason for being. When you are in the midst of the universe stretching it's lower frequency legs through your consciousness, it can feel excruciatingly painful but it doesn't need to be suffered. You have the power to limit your suffering by managing the level of consciousness you apply to your situation. So you find yourself reeling from the actions of another person and your ego pipes up with a dialogue designed to protect you from the hurt and fear that is the default state applied by your programming to someone letting you down. Right there in that moment, you have an option. A VERY POWERFUL option to decide the dialogue you are going to attach to the situation. What will it be? I am unloveable, unworthy and no one will ever love me. My life is and always will be destined to be left alone and abandoned. Love is bad, stay away from love and bigger and bigger the resistance gets. Or will it be What has just happen is really hurtful and has made me sad but I know I'm okay. I'm lovable and worthy and I know these things happen. I'm fine to feel sadness and I'm fine to cry but then I'm going to breathe, very deeply and remind myself the universe wants to experience all manner of emotion. I'm going to feel it and then move it on. What can I learn here? One is loaded with suffering and one is fuelled for growth. Sounds simple but I know that its not. Our experiences are real and we've been trained to let reality dictate our programming. If somebody hurts you, and you experience pain, we are trained to see this as bad. It's not bad! It's realityin 100% perfection. I promise you the path to consciousness is loaded with situations to test your ability to find the peace in so many aspects of being. Consciousness does not stop life coming at you but it does give you supreme ability to move through the toughest of scenarios with grace. Faith, hope and love grow exponentionally when you experience the extremes of emotion fully but can move back to conscious neutrality quickly. We were given the spectrum of emotion to use it! But the power play, is to keep your default state on neautral. Life can indeed be painful but it need not be SUFFERED! The power lays within you. In Faith, Hope and Love, ❤ Susie

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