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Unapologetically You

One of the toughest parts of my journey was shedding friends and family as I grew in to my conscious life. Somehow the trivial upsets of who said what paled into insignificance as I dug deeper into the mystery that was quantum mechanics.
I came to understand that quite literally quantam particles will behave as instructed. So if we keep telling them we're miserable and we're never going to be happy than the universe will respond accordingly. It may not be what we want but if we say something over and over again, the universe delivers what we asked for, in perfection, 100% of the time.
So as I listened to people wallow in the intricacies of their despair and i saw them stamp their lives with sadness, i consciously tried harder to take charge of my thoughts and words to stamp my life with love, joy and abundance.
How does this play our in real time?
Let me ask you this for instance, when someone asks you 'how you going?" How many times do you say or hear someone answer?. ' yeah, I'm okay 'Could be better, but no one really cares right?'
Guess what you just ordered from the universe?! The waves and particles just got told You are OK, could be better but no-one cares!
Imagine what would happen if you started answering, 'I'm amazing! Unstoppable actually. Feeling great! Thanks for asking!'
You have completely reimagined the energy around you. You have applied an energy on the particles and waves surrounding you and the universe will respond accordingly!
You have the power to imprint on your surroundings and then further, create the life you most deeply desire.
Science agrees! Keeping in mind our bodies are largely made up of water, check out Dr Masaru Emoto's experiments with ice! Mind blowing stuff! Your words and your thoughts matter!!
It takes work though lovely. It takes honesty and deep reflection. A willingness to challenge your ego and your programming and it takes effort. The great news is the effort required is simple even if the process is not easy.
If you stick with it change happens and new more rewarding experiences take over.
As I grew to embrace my new frequency I found not everybody appreciated my changes and didn't necessarily want me to change! They were comfortable with my state of disrepair and brokenness. At some point I had to choose to move on or stay stuck somewhere I didn't want to be. This was so hard at first but then I felt the freedom of being me and if I outgrow more and more connections so be it.New connections find me and I'll continue to find my herd as my reality is 100% correct and perfect 100% of the time.
It's 100% OK to let people go if your journey has changed and you need to be different. Grow into the you, you always knew you could be.
In Faith Hope and Love

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