Hi! I'm Susie!
Welcome to Pink Diamond Guide!
Pink Diamonds are rare, exquisite and beautiful! They are diamonds that have a stunning pink tone believed to develop from the stone being formed under extraordinary amounts of pressure.
Sounds a lot like it mimics real life to me! From struggle and heartache to triumph and beauty. This resonates with me deeply as I feel the best and strongest parts of my character have been forged when I was suffering and searching the hardest. The life I am blessed with today was won on the back of 'the work'. My soul work.
Pink Diamond Guide is my place to share my most insightful and I hope inspiring parts of the journey. A place to share wisdom beyond what I perhaps should know. The type of wisdom given to help and serve other people as they forge their own pink diamond under extraordinary pressure.
My pink diamond logo embraces a cross, a lotus and a heart shape, embodying what I perceive as the three greatest gifts to pursue in this life.
The gifts of Faith, Hope and Love.
If you are on a pink diamond journey too, I invite you to join my journey as I share what I know and I learn from you all too. It's a journey forged together. I'm here to serve. 💗
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Faith, Hope and Love