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Greetings! I'm Susie, and I warmly welcome you to Pink Diamond Guide.

Pink Diamonds, rare and exquisite, embody captivating beauty. These precious gems acquire their stunning pink hue through the remarkable process of forming under extraordinary pressure. It strikes me how closely this mirrors our own lives—the journey from struggle and heartache to triumph and beauty. I find a profound resonance in this notion, as I believe that my character's strongest and most beautiful aspects have emerged during my moments of deepest suffering and relentless pursuit. It is through this "work" of the soul that I have been blessed with the life I enjoy today.

Pink Diamond Guide is my sanctuary—a space where I wholeheartedly share the most enlightening and inspiring fragments of my personal journey. Here, I endeavor to impart wisdom that extends beyond conventional knowledge. It is a wisdom meant to support and guide others as they, too, fashion their own pink diamond in the face of extraordinary pressure.

My Pink Diamond Guide logo embraces the symbology of a cross, a lotus, and a heart shape, embodying what I perceive as the three greatest gifts to pursue in this life: Faith, Hope, and Love.

If you find yourself on a pink diamond journey of your own, I wholeheartedly invite you to join me in this shared adventure. Together, we will exchange knowledge and learn from one another, for our paths are interwoven. I am here to serve, and my purpose is to facilitate growth and transformation. 

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In Faith, Hope, and Love,


From Our Clients:


Jul 6, 2023 by Corinne
Brings Peace
Thank you Susie, time was short today as we got cut off , but what you said resonated deeply and gave me peace and hope. I will definitely call again this week and ask for guidance on other parts of my life. I will action the advice you gave me 🦋
Jul 6, 2023 by S
Amazing Reader
Always supportive with her readings and providing practical steps to help understand and process the situation at hand. Just an amazing reader! Much love, S
Jul 6, 2023 by Anonymous
Connected Like Soul Friends
I have been on my own soul awakening for sometime now. There have been moments where I wasn't sure what was actually going on. Then I was having signs and synchronicities, it was becoming a regular thing for me. Susie has guided me to understand and have faith in my own intuition. It has been such a wonderful experience having Susie guide me. I will be forever thankful for you Susie.
Apr 3, 2023 by Corinne
Spot On
The time always flies when I connect with Susie. She is so kind, supportive, offers clarity and guidance. Thank you!!
Apr 3, 2023 by G
Susie has been such a pillar of strength to me throughout the hardest journey in my life! She gives these amazing advices, she will pray for you, she will guide you in the right direction like a mother/ good friend/ sister!!! She never sugarcoats, she says what she sees!
Her card readings are spot on! She has given me hope! So i cant thank you enough Beautiful Susie! Thank you for everything!!!!!
Feb 6, 2023 by Jessica
Susie is gifted in so many ways she is remarkably spot on in her predictions. Her guidance has gotten me through some really difficulty times. Susie is my go to person she keeps it so real. You will not be disappointed she will keep you coming back.
Dec 29, 2022 by Denise
I contacted Susie for the first time today for some guidance and she was just brilliant. Spot on. She eased a lot of my anxieties and mentioned things that were taking place in the future. She is very compassionate and gets excited when she sees positive outcomes for her clients. She will not disappoint. Highly recommended.
Oct 24, 2022 by Anonymous
Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Susie, I just want to say her accuracy, friendliness and insight were amazing. Never have I ever had such a positive and powerful reading. Susie, your excitement for me during my reading was so heartfelt and genuine. You are truly professional and have no hesitation to dig deeper for clarity. A truly wonderful experience for us both. You have an amazing gift lovely lady, thank you so much. xx
 May 23, 2022 by Joan
What a connection straight away ! She was so spot on with everything and things that are about to happen she calmed my aniexty and I could of talked all day she had so much detail in this reading unbelievable ,I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring and to call her back ! Thankyou so much you were so awesome :)
Apr 19, 2022 by K
Highly Recommend
Susie is amazingly accurate in her readings about situations, relationships and predicting outcomes… as well mediumship. Have been very happy with every reading as she has confirmed my gut feelings and helped me to find clarity and to be at peace.
Sep 20, 2021 by Ryan
Spiritual Marvel
I could not be happier with my reading and interaction with Susie
She makes you feel so at ease and is so in touch with what she does everything she said was relevant to my life such an awesome experience. Truly such a caring and beautiful soul I will definitely call this reader again
Sep 20, 2021 by Riley
Spot on, the information and advice is so relevant. Exceeding my expectations will definitely be ringing this reader again.