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Follow your heart! It's a super power!!!

So I would Estimate that I have been acutely aware of my ascension journey for about 25 years now but of course time is eternal and so am I, so my journey is too. What my current waking up process of the past 25 years has revealed is that I am a powerful co-creator with the one that is the source of all. This is no longer spiritual or mystical mumbo jumbo. Science is measuring it! The mystics of antiquity KNEW this information that scientists now have found a way to measure. Quantum Physicists tell us that whay they now know is that EVERYTHING is energy and vibration and that the elements of creation behave differently under the energy imposed by the observer. So fir the record, I'm no Quantum Physicist but I have been able to apply the learnings, not the maths, to my life. So if we break it down to a language we all can speak, what does that all mean? It means you and I can study the same particles and waves and dependent upon the energy you or I emit in our study, it will behave accordingly. Crazy right! That has such powerful ramifications! It means We relentlessly impose our will upon our environment and must live with those consequences IF we do this sub or even unconsciously. The elements can't tell the difference if we are choosingthe energy or not, they just react to our energy! So how do we get it to behave in the manner we desire? A lot of manifestation practioners out there will tell you, you have to think your dream life into reality and in part this is true. But it isn't the whole equation. Our bodies emit energy from more than just our brain. Our stomach and heart have electrical fields too that emit phototonic energy out into the ether, with our heart energy delivering what could be up to 70 times the amount that our brain does according to fields measured. You know that feeling when you walk into a room and you can 'sense' someone before you get to know them. Some people repel you before they even speak and some you just want to get to know! Your instinct fires in your stomach, you get a 'gut feeling' about someone. Our heart, brain and stomach all communicate at a rate unimaginable to our minds and emit responses that we are oblivious too. Only when we become conscious of those conversations and wake up to the emissions of our heart, will our thoughts have the power to manifest. Throw in our ego to this conversation, no wait, that's a whole other conversation for another day! This conversation wants you to realise that if your heart ain't right, no amount of thinking will manifest your dreams. Remember the throwaway line 'follow your heart'. Quite literally your reality does 100%. It's time to unpack the core beliefs of your heart that are keeping you stuck so that your fabulous work managing your thinking can really take you places! In Faith, Hope and Love โค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ Susie

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