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My great hope is that when I'm out of your sight, you won't forget me. Dreams of immortality, that our lives mean something to someone and that all of this suffering isn't for nothing.

The magic of hope to deliver us into a future that us dreamy, fruitful and abundant is key in manifesting a life both magnificent in scale and serenity. If you can't hope for it, you'll never have it.

The bible has named hope as one of the three great gifts of our creator, alongside faith and love. But isn't hope a bit wishy washy amongst company like faith and love? 

Not at all! Our ability to hope for more begins the journey of the dreamer for hope is based in desire. A desire for more. More what though?

More knowledge, more information, more experience, more faith, more love, more life? Hope is desire for more.  Faith is believing deeply without proof. Hope burns for more and is seeking information from the stars because we want to believe we are not alone. Faith is knowing death will find us all and life beyond is eternal. Hope is essential for the thread of our creator to continue as we co create with him. Our hope and resultant vision is the fabric of woven as the rug beneath our feet. If hoe dies the rug gets pulled away and so do we.

Hope must spring eternal 

In Faith Hope and Love 






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