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I'll never forget the day I was driving to work at the bank, like I did every day, when this bolt of realisation struck that it was all just so ridiculous.

I felt out of my body and like an alien on the planet. I was so at odds with the world around me and the 9-5, work, eat, sleep routine had worn very thin. I just knew there had to be more to it than this! I was dying a slow monotonous death and I felt like no-one else saw, knew, understood or felt the same way. I felt alone and strangely disconnected from life.

I had no money, broken relationships people betraying me, fear confusion and feeling completely hopeless. I knew I was a good person and nobody was trying harder than me to turn things around and yet there was a gaping hole between my effort versus my result!

I remember lying on my driveway at 3am, crying my eyes out begging whatever alien life I belonged to, to come get me. I didn't belong on the planet. I felt crazy!

It has taken many years of struggle, failure and searching to understand that that in itself was the point. To be uncomfortable enough in my being that I looked deeper into the processes of life and living.

Things really turned around for me when I started to understand how much of my suffering was my own fault and everything in my messed up life was actually PERFECT!

What I didn't know or understand prior to this time was the power of a CORE BELIEF. Not just the superficial dialogue that rolled around my head, but my deeply held hidden truths.

I had no idea that the universe was responding perfectly to what I had asked for and what I was programmed to. This was all my own doing. My CORE BELIEF system was being sung out to the universe and the universe was responding PERFECTLY, and I had no idea and I was miserable!

Understanding this along with other FOUNDATION ideals changed my life.
Managing this process is now my superpower to finding, love, peace, hope, faith and abundance.

With my life now looking so completely different, and having full comprehension of how I made the shift, I can't sit on this kind of transformation and not want to help someone else who is just where I was. So I've compiled what I've learned on my journey into a series of EBooks entitled Pink Diamond Guide.

I chose Pink Diamonds because they are formed under extraordinary amounts of pressure to gain that stunning pink quality. They are rare, unique and stunning.

If you too are on a Pink Diamond journey, forging your true beauty under extraordinary amounts of pressure. I see you and I'd love to help.

My first release, Part 1 of my Pink Diamond Guide introduces the key concepts of Accept and Surrender and I promise you, I won't be telling you to just get over it! Instead, we'll turn your experience of all the events of your life, into the true superpower you have been waiting for. Let's do this!

Oh and I've created a Facebook group ready to welcome anyone who'd love to connect in a safe and open community who loves to talk about big ideas!

You're most welcome to join!
We are Pink Diamond Guided

To download your EBook head on over to my page at

Let's unleash your superpower!

In Faith Hope and Love

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