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Before you go ahead and call out 'religion' on me, take a minute or two to consider this.
Faith. What is it? Why does it matter?
Faith is a prescription with which a life is lived and purpose of being is forged. What you put your faith in carves out your value system and further the inner dialogue that becomes the soundtrack of your life.
I don't precsribe that the path to faith is via the church or doctrine of religion though for those who do prescribe, more power to you. For indeed the goal here is only to find the gift and not to dismantle the path with which it travels.
Say you choose but one truth that is yours and you adhere to its merits your entire life albeit in my case, my adult life.And in this please hear me clearly, I do not choose a religion for myself nor do I believe Religion is without purpose. I do though choose the teachings of the Christ that are reflected in many spiritual teachings since his short walk on the planet. Lead with love and kindness. It's a simple message and I dig it.
My faith is often challenged and I'm asked,
But what if I get to the end of my days and find out Jesus and Christ Consciousness was a bullshit concept? It could happen I guess.
Im content knowing I would have lived a life seeking the kindest most loving path I could imagine. I'll take it thanks just the same!
Faith as an ideal assists to set up your value system and as a natural consequence your quality of purpose in life.I choose the passion of the Christ as the cornerstone of my faith.
This need not be anyone else's and I'm not here asking you to 'join the mission'. This exercise is a reflection only on what you hold dear and true. What would attest to on a public platform if challenged. What is your truth and belief?
Faith! Understanding where your faith lies can begin the journey of where you truly wish to go so you may receive one of life's 3 great gifts.
In Faith Hope and Love

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