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Of the the three great gifts of the creator, the greatest gift of all is love and don't we know it!!!

Or do we? I wonder sometimes as I watch humans chase substitutes such as appreciation and validation, thinking at the base of those endeavours lies love. No, love is a frequency unto itself that lies perfectly crafted for those who get brave enough to plug in to its truth.

I remember when I had my first child and I thought I had reached the limits to which one human being could feel love toward another but then my second child and third and fourth arrived and my capacity for love did not divide at all. Heck no! it expanded. EXPONENTIALLY!!! How much love was I capable of!

The answer is indeed we are capable of infinite love. Love is boundless. But it is also very definitely a consciousness process.
For we were born into a system of duality. A system where love and fear both reside and our fears have been conditioned into us since our conception. Specifically fear of abandonment.
It manifests such that often we're told with great love comes great risk and fear of loss and loneliness. Great love is only for the movies so we should live small and measure out love carefully. If we don't risk too much love, we don't risk too much pain.

I've loved big and I've been in big pain but the pain was not because of love. The pain happened because of a perception I held that love left and fear I'd been abandoned took over. Insecurities that I wasn't worthy of being loved and fears no-one will ever give me their love left me crying and feeling broken.

The truth is though I punished myself uneccessarily as I've learned we can give and receive love from another long after they are gone from our sight. Love goes nowhere if you employ consciousness. We don't need to possess someone to love them or to fill our own lives with love. We can choose consciously where to hold our hearts. It has nothing to do with the people you've associated with love and everything to do with the frequency of your heart. You're a living breathing magnet designed to attract what you hold as your core belief. Set it to love!

That's where the miracle happens. Love is boundless and yours for the taking. Set your heart to the frequency and watch your life transform! Love is yours. Take it!

In Faith Hope and Love

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