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Sculpture By Gina Davey

Birth, Death and the Journey Between


I Love Storytellers

The art world is a curious beast driven by many a curious factor. What makes an artwork good, bad or indifferent has been the cause for many a heated debate in circles scholarly or otherwise. We address matters such as composition and colour theory and ask does it have rhythm and reason. We look to the artist's reputation and philosophy too. Such a complex equation to conclude a final deduction to whether it is a good piece of art or not. 

But what then for the non academic who just knows what they like? Lovely ratios and unchallenging imagery delivered with technical grace? Equally good? Perhaps.

For me, the paintings I love the most are interesting. When I walk into a gallery I scan a room and spend perhaps a passing glance on artworks that feel nice. However, I'll stop and have a 'conversation' with art that is interesting! Images or materials that are presented in ways that are unusual or challenging so that I may deepen my perceptions around a topic, is where I fall in love. My instinct may be that I don't like the image or article but I love the ART. A parallel may exist along the lines of watching a movie like Hacksaw Ridge. I didn't 'enjoy' watching it but I loved the movie. The images were grotesque and horror filled but the narrative kept me interested to the final frame and I loved the art and storytelling.

And I do I fall in love with many pieces of art that some would find curious. What I engage with deeply is the why. Why create this? But first and naturally, visually I must be engaged enough to want to walk over and begin a 'conversation' with the work but then cerebrally, I wish to depart with a deeper connection to the art as a means to express stories and feel connection.

I love storytellers, particularly in visual art. Those brave individuals who step forth with their truth at the mercy of the academics, the casual observer and all who partake of criticism in between. Criticism of the work is easy! It's easy to say I don't like that and plenty of us do! But fair critique is an art unto itself. What I've come to learn is that the more time I spend getting to know the art makers and delving into their storytelling capacity, the more art I've come to love and appreciate.

I hope to continue to find more artists brave enough to share their stories and that I can be a bridge to show those who view them, just how special they are.


Art rocks!


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