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About your reading:

A sophisticated and naturally gifted energy reader, Susie has been connected to spirit from an early age and fortunately, she was encouraged to nurture and develop her gifts. She loves to read tarot cards and receives intuitive guidance from spirit as part of that process. She understands the significance of applying to life the mechanics of the quantum plane, the afterlife, sacred geometry, astrology and numerology and applies them to her consults to provide a thorough and unique reading, which can provide extraordinary insight and positive direction. With a passion for helping people to understand the deep connection we all have to each other and the spirit world. Susie genuinely believes that in this space, we can find authentic healing, peace, and love.


From her many years of experience reading for clients, she is keenly aware of the amount of people that are seeking information about love. and relationships. She thoroughly understands the manifestations of romantic relationships, spending years studying twin flames, karmic and soul mate ties. She is an expert at finding the identifiers to assist her clients and specialises in navigating the stormier waters in these connections.


No matter what you are seeking answers on, health, wealth or relationships, find out how your life can profoundly change for the better, by connecting with Susie for a reading.

Readings are approx 60 minutes in duration.

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