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Art and my journey to me

As I enjoy my last day of my holiday, I spent some time looking back at the art I've been making over the past 10 years and just realising how much there is! So much and what a journey it's been!
When I started college, I thought I was just going to get better at drawing and painting and faster at achieving a great result but
the journey could not have been more different and I found myself on a process that evolved spiritually, mentally and emotionally alongside any techincal skills that were developing.
I remember my college tutor saying to me....'You can paint and you can draw but as yet you are not an artist!" Wasn't that a kicker and I took it to heart. Digging in to whatever I could learn about "ARTISTS". What I learned changed me forever and I'll forever champion the powerful capcity of artists who tell big stories.
In reviewing my own art making, and attempts to share my story, I looked back at a dialogue I shared across 6 short film videos. They tell the story of my movement through some of the biggest challenges I've faced in my life and start from innocent reflections of an inner child, through embracing creativity, challenging faith, reconciling my inner war with domestic violence, choosing a new life path and finally a new creation story.
Each film isn't more than about 5 mins long and they definitely fall towards the 'artist' versus the girl who could draw and I'm forever grateful to all my teachers ant tutors who pushed me to these places.
With credit to Hayley Groves for her collaboration, amazing spirit and raw performances in the pieces 'Battlefield 1' (for which we won a Martin Hanson First Place) and 'Done', both exhbitied in our joint exhibition Battlefield. Hayley gave me permission to be braver with artmaking content than I've ever been before or since.
I've compiled the 6 movies as a Youtube playlist for anyone who is interested . It does come with a warning of adult content, definitely not for the kids this time 🙂
Art Rocks
In Faith Hope and Love

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