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Meet Danae Heggen, an illuminating presence amidst the labyrinth of life's uncertainties. With an extensive tapestry of skills woven through various intuitive therapies, Danae emerges as a guiding light, leading seekers through the enigmatic landscapes of their existence. Rooted in a profound sense of purpose, Danae's journey unfolds through a diverse range of practices that include Psychic Mediumship, Tarot and related practices including Astrology and numerology. Danae is also well versed in the energy systems of the body and is accomplished in delivering Relaxation, Remedial, and Pregnancy Massage, Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Chinese Flaming Cups, Aromatherapy, Quantum High Frequency Healing as well as Art Therapy Healing Sessions. Each thread in her skillset contributes to a holistic approach , where her mission is to harness her exceptional abilities and illuminate paths for others. Based on the Sunshine Coast Danae has been offering face to face sessions for many years but is now offering her intuitive services for readings via zoom sessions!

Danae Heggen possesses an extraordinary gift – the ability to transcend the superficial layers and tap into the hidden currents that shape our lives. Beyond the obvious, she delves deep into the essence of each individual's situation, peeling away the veils that obscure clarity and understanding. With a compassionate heart, an open demeanor, and a tenacious drive to elevate others, Danae's presence is not just about unraveling the mysteries; it's about facilitating ascension. Her innate capacity to discern the unknown facets of a person's circumstances is akin to a divining rod, honed over years of dedicated practice and self-discovery.

What truly sets Danae apart is her unwavering commitment to helping others embrace their highest selves. Her warm and nurturing spirit creates a safe haven where seekers can feel comfortable exploring the depths of their being. Whether it's unearthing past lives, deciphering medical complexities, unraveling financial energies, or shedding light on intricate relationships, Danae's insights serve as beacons in the murkiness, guiding individuals towards the shores of clarity and healing. Her readings are not just transactions; they are transformative experiences, journeys into the heart of one's existence guided by Danae's exceptional intuitive compass.

As Danae joins us at Pink Diamond Guide, she carries with her a treasure trove of skills, an empathetic heart, and a profound mission to bring light to the shadows. Her intuitive prowess isn't just a tool; it's a transformative force that has the power to catalyse personal evolution. With Danae by your side, you're not merely seeking answers; you're embarking on a voyage of self-discovery, empowerment, and profound awakening. Her path, interwoven with diverse modalities and honed intuition, converges at the crossroads of your journey, ready to illuminate the uncharted territories and guide you towards a life enriched with insight, purpose, and meaning. Danae Heggen isn't just a guide; she's a catalyst for transformation, a beacon of hope, and your partner on the path to enlightenment.

Readings are via zoom

Sessions last approximately 60mins

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